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About Us

IT Services Company Limited

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iT Services Co.,Ltd. is a specialist provider in term of enterprise systems integration and services to customers both hardware and software. Along with the maintenance system to help improve performance. operation by collaborating with various partners that is a leading global information technology. To be able to bring the right technology to help customers solve problems, to the Information Technology and strengthen competitiveness of business.

So that, customers get the most services, our company focused on providing a team that has been officially recognized as the company that full of professional team to provide after-sales service with the experience for more than 10 years and which is to meet your IT needs.

“IT Services Co.,Ltd.” has been recognized as one of the leading providers of IT services. To meet Needs of businesses of all sizes to accurately value and immediacy of today’s demand for information technology support, strategic management has been recognized as extremely important to the performance of our company. This experience will provide coordinated information technology consistent with the need to compete for our business and enhance our customers are. Integrated business solutions.


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Our Vision

Is the leading consulting and delivery of Enterprise solutions. Value and customer care services still continues along with growth in all business side.

Our Mission

Is to provide advice on the technology to be used for business suits including helps in growth the business competitiveness and the efficiency Effectiveness and the highest reliability according to international standards. It helps to reduce cost of production and management.